Vats and Milk Chillers

Milk vats and chillers have always been a significant part of our work, and even more so in the last few seasons.

Fonterra and other dairy companies have recently introduced more stringent chilling regulations, and banned the use of lift-top vats. This has seen a surge in new vat and chiller installs, with a particular emphasis on pre-cooling (snap chill) systems.

We are up to speed on current fonterra cooling regulations, as well as their rules surrounding electrical installations for vat stands and vats.

Milk vat standvat controls

milk chiller refrigeration









Automated Vat Washing

No one likes getting out of bed earlier than they need too. We programmed and built this automated vat wash system this year for one of our rural customers. It allows him to get a few more minutes sleep, and removes the worry of getting grades due to workers not doing the wash cycle properly.

vat wash hot water

automated vat wash

vat wash dump







Another added bonus is that it saves him money! We have integrated a timeclock into the program, so that it only heats up the hot water cylinders prior to when a vat wash cycle is programmed to start.

The touch screen allows the farmer to have full control over the cycle, altering start times, manual override control, and selection between tanker pickup being every day or every two days. It also displays the progress of the wash, which valves are open or closed, and which chemicals are being dosed into the vat.
vat wash touch screen plcautomated vat rinse







We have a huge amount of experience installing vats and dairy refrigeration.
  • Compliant vat control
  • Chiller and Pre-cooling installation
  • Calf/Colostrum vat wiring
  • Chilled water reticulation control
  • Automated vat washing
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