Farmers don’t typically give the switchboard in their dairy shed too much thought. It’s where the power comes from, it doesn’t make them any money, and it doesn’t generally get any attention until something goes wrong.

Every year we upgrade a few dairy shed switchboards, usually because they’ve caught fire! A warm switchboard is the perfect place for rats, mice and starlings to nest. The vast majority of switchboards in existing dairy sheds are not compliant under current electrical regulations – gaping holes in the sides presenting fire risk due to vermin ingress, old redundant porcelain fuses and damaged and broken wiring.

We can upgrade existing switchboards to current regulations, or replace with complete new boards. Benefits include:

  • Modern circuit protection: Circuit Breakers which can be reset, rather than clunky old porcelain or HRC fuses.
  • Enclosed and IP rated: Switchboards which have no access for rodents, birds, water and stray fingers.
  • Tidy and Ordered: all components labelled, ordered and easy to understand.

Here’s a basic switchboard we upgraded last season. It was old and disordered, after decades of different electricians tacking on to it. It had redundant porcelain fuses on it, exposed live terminals, and a family of mice living inside. We were given the task of upgrading it after it caught fire during the milking season.

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  • Labelled, tidy and clear
  • Resettable and safe circuit breakers
  • No exposed live terminals or risk of electrocution
  • Water proof (the board is located in the dairy)
  • No holes remaining for rodents and moisture to enter the board


If the switchboard in  your cow shed is in need of some attention, drop us a line and we’d be happy to help.

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