We have a huge knowledge base in electrical control of all rural pumping systems, from deep well systems to dosing pumps.

Water Reticulation

Bore Pumps BFF612AF-20CA-4507-9CE2-4169FE3C0F2A2864A14A-FA5A-4371-B4F4-5AF629A7BD17

We have installed hundreds of new submersible bore and deep well pumps. From the basic to the automated system, offering low level bore and tank protection to protect your investment.

Here’s a basic system we recently installed, with protection and visual indication to show:

  • Tank filling
  • Bore low level
  • Bore pump overloaded


Irrigation PumpsJanuary 2012 239

Although not too many Waikato farms have water irrigation in place, with the current trend of summer droughts and council led irrigation initiatives, they are becoming more commonplace. We build and install water irrigation systems, effluent irrigation systems, and hybrid systems where the user can select between the two.

  • Variable Speed Drive and soft-starting pump motor control
  • Fully automated systems with flow/application and pressure control
  • Optional touch-screen interface, allowing for full parameter adjustment


We also build control systems for and install:

  • Washdown pumps (including pressure and VSD controlled)
  • Cooler pumps
  • House water pumps
  • Farm supply pumps
  • Dosing pumps


Milking Plant

Milk Lift Pumpsmilkflow-pump-controller3

We are experienced installers of variable speed controlled milk lift pumps. We are also the authorised Corkill Systems installer for the Waikato region, installing and retrofitting Corkill Milkflow milk lift pump controllers.


Vacuum PumpsPaddedImage800600FFFFFF-IMG-4902-0170

Whether it is DoL (Direct On-Line) or controlled by a variable speed drive, we are also familiar with vacuum pump installation and maintenance in both herringbone and rotary sheds.

We are also the Waikato region’s authorised installer for the Corkill Systems Vari-vac pump controller.



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