Milking Sheds

Being specialised in the dairy sector, we are vastly experienced in the building and maintenance of dairy sheds. We understand miking plants and chilling regulations, and know the ins and outs of everything from simple herringbones to fully automated rotaries.

Here’s a new shed we built last season:


Dairy Goat Shed in Gordonton

With the rising popularity of goat’s milk, more and more dairy goat farms have been popping up around the Waikato. Last season, one of our established customers asked us to do the electrical installation for a new 108 bale rotary shed. Once that was completed, we did the installation on the dwelling shed to house roughly 4000 goats.

This shed is relatively high tech, with fully automated backing gates and platform drafting, as well as milk monitors and electronic cup removers for each bale.

dairy goat rotary bale shed

dairy goat milking shed






The dwelling shed has a fully automated extract fan system and powered curtains to keep out the wind and weather. It also features an impressively engineered and automated conveyor feed system, which is remotely controlled by the operator from his tractor.
The conveyors run for a set time length, until the feed is evenly distributed along their full length of 150m. After a set time, they run again, emptying onto another conveyor, which in turn empties back into the waiting mixer wagon.

Goat barn conveyor

dairy goat kiddairy milk goat feed conveyor



We are experienced and up to speed on all modern dairy technology.

  • Preferred electricians for Corkill Systems (Vari-vac and milk lift controllers)
  • Meal feed system installs
  • New dairy sheds and existing shed alterations
  • Lighting upgrades and efficiency advice
  • Water, milk, vacuum and effluent pumps
  • Platform control
  • Backing gate control and automation
  • Hot water cylinder maintenance
  • Vat wash automation
  • Refrigeration electrical
  • PLC automation and control
  • Soft starters and Variable Speed Drives for motor control and efficieny
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