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Alpha Electrical are certified heat pump installers and technicians for the highest quality Panasonic, Toshiba and AHI Carrier air conditioners. We have dedicated and qualified installers and service technicians, and we have an air conditioner suited to every residential or commercial application. 

We have a comprehensive range of high wall heat pumps, floor consoles and cassette (ceiling mounted) units. Not only that, but we also design and install ducted air conditioning systems for large homes and commercial buildings.

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The Right Air Conditioning System For Your Home Or Business

Correctly sizing a heat pump isn’t quite as straight forward as many people believe. If the heat pump installed is too small for the room, it will struggle to get to the desired temperature, and end up using more power. Conversely, nobody wants to pay more for a heat pump that is unnecessarily over-sized.

The main contributing factors to heat pump sizing are:

  • Volume of the room
  • Whether or not the room is insulated, and whether the windows are double glazed
  • Adjoining rooms, e.g. if the heat pump is to be installed in a hallway.

Alpha Electrical are professional air conditioning installers, and will size the correct heat pump for your application.


Heat Pump Servicing

Along side air conditioning installs, we also service all makes and models of heat pumps.


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