Farm Maintenace

Dairy farm electrical is our primary field of work, and we know dairy sheds inside out.

We have a great deal of experience in servicing and installing:swbd mouse

  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades, pit and dairy
  • Meal feeding and molasses systems
  • Rotary platform and gland maintenace
  • Maintenance, installs and control systems for all water, milk and effluent pumps
  • Backing gate installs and servicing, centre pivot and Reporoa types
  • Plant and vat wash systems
  • Hot water cylinder fault finding and servicing
  • Vat and chiller swaps, upgrades and servicing
  • Switchboard and wiring upgrades, rodent damage repair and proofing
  • Dairy shed and bale extensions
  • Alternative power supply – solar systems and generator change-over switches
  • Pre-purchase Electrical Inspections for dairy sheds
  • Tidying and repairing of electrical cabling and appliances
  • Vermin proofing of switchboards, cable ways etc.

All of our work is carried out to the highest quality, conforming to the Electrical Regulations and to the latest Fonterra and MPI standards.

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